Fireworks Safety

Safety First

Are you in search of diverse fireworks for your party? Do you want to give a special touch to New Year’s Eve or Christmas Celebrations? Search no further. the solution to all your fireworks and sparkles worries. We stock high quality products for myriad of occasions including birthdays, weddings, and occasional concerts. At Trafalgar Fireworks we not only care about the quality of products but also the safety of our customers. Setting up huge fireworks bonfires can be tricky, especially where large gatherings are involved. That is why our experts insist on providing professional advice about fireworks safety every time you place an online order.

Place and Online Order; Stay Safe

At, we have the interests of our clients at heart. We do not just focus on bringing life-changing experiences to our customers but making memories for the right reasons. Make your kids safe and let everyone around you enjoy the memorable fireworks moments with our safety tips. Place your orders online today and add a magical touch to your celebrations without risking the lives of your loved ones.

Access Professional Fireworks Safety Tips

We are here to help you put the perfect Fireworks Displays without risking your guest’s lives. The safety tips for Finale Fireworks might have slight variations with those for Garden Fireworks. This is why for every online order that you place, we provide you with matching fireworks safety tips to keep you safe. For safety firework displays, we also provide a general checklist.


Safety Tips of Setting up Fireworks 

To ensure safe fireworks displays;

  • Have the fireworks in closed boxes and only open them when there’s need
  • Once a fireworks box is open, use all the contents to avoid inappropriate landing on children’s hands
  • Use a torch or any reliable light source to read all the instructions on each firework to avoid oversights
  • Avoid the usage of paraffin and petrol on bonfire
  • Never throw fireworks or have them in the pockets
  • Keep away naked flames from fireworks
  • Rocket Fireworks should be directed away from the audience
  • Use a taper while lighting the fireworks and keep your distance
  • Keep safe distance from fireworks places the moment they have been set up
  • Only leave the fireworks arenas when the fires are completely out

Sparkles aren’t Completely Harmless Either 

Through our extensive experience as fireworks and sparkles suppliers, we have come across multiple customers who believe sparkles do not pose any safety threats simply because they do not burn at higher temperatures. This is far from the truth. Although sparkles are less harmful, they still pose notable security threats making it necessary to follow these safety rules while using them;

  • Don’t let children under the age of five handle sparkles
  • Insist on wearing high-quality leather gloves before handling sparkles
  • Babies and sparkles do not go hand in hand so never hold the two at the same time
  • They should be used in clear spaces away from obstructions and human influence
  • Hold the sparkles at arm’s length during the lighting process
  • Place finished sparkles in cold-water buckets to evade injury cases.

At, we are never at peace until the safety of our clients is guaranteed. For more fireworks safety tips, get in touch with us through or email us on