About us

We are firework people and have been visiting China and importing fireworks for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on a quality product and service. We welcome you to come and chat with us about your requirements and we are happy to advise you on what you need to do as safety is paramount.

All our fireworks are rigorously tested to EU standards. All our fireworks can be seen on our online videos or in store plasma screens before you buy. Don’t risk buying a box of Chinese air.

Sparklers and Fireworks for Different Occasions

We don't just sell Fireworks for Bonfire Night. We serve you throughout the year and provide best quality fireworks and expert, enthusiastic firework advice every week of the year. With a firework for every event we have specially designed wedding fireworks, Birthday Sparklers, New Year fireworks, Diwali fireworks, indoor fireworks and much more.

Firework Displays

Our display operators are happy to fire displays at any time of the year anywhere across the country. To give you complete peace of mind regarding the safety and security of corporate displays and other firework events our display operators hold full public and product liability insurance for up to £10 million.

Your pyrotechnicians will be fully qualified at Senior Firer Level and Firer Level of the British Pyrotechnics Association’s Firework Training Scheme and are valued members of the CBI Explosives Industry Group, British Fireworks Association and British Pyrotechnics Association.